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MACH Sonyc's Absolut Gift of Gab VCD1, RN, MX, MXB, MXJ,MJB, CCA

Sire: Ch. Absolut Sonyc Xxpresso
Dam: Yaqui's Maya CCA

Whelped: 12-23-07 

Hips: OFA GR-99919-G24F-VPI//Elbow: OFA GR-EL21484F24VPI//Eyes: CERF GR-41875/2010 (Clear 7/2013)   Heart: OFA GR-CA15863/14F/C-VPI

Schmooze 1

Schmooze...let's hurry before the rain starts again!

Achievements: Schmooze's father, Presto, is a littermate to our Diva. He finished his championship quickly...picking up both majors his first 2 weekends of showing. Many, many thank you's to Kathy Carbone for calling to ask if I would be interested in a puppy from the repeat breeding of Presto to Maya. Not only did I get the pick puppy...I didn't even have to raise an entire litter to get her! Schmooze has an incredible wash and wear coat as well as correct structure. Her CCA evaluators were very complementary even though, at an age of  less than 2 years old,  she obviously was not completely mature at the time of the evaluation.
Schmooze has all the drive of her father, can jump like a deer, is highly intelligent, and has an incredible desire to please. You don't have to wonder if she's happy, her whole body says so! We are having fun with her on the agility course although I am still working on my timing with her.  I have a T-shirt that announces "My Dog is Handler Challenged". Truer words were never spoken. We are currently working in agility, obedience, and tracking. Watch for an avalanche of titles to come.......
8-22-10: Schmooze finished her CD with 3 trips to the OB ring in 3 consecutive days, always in the ribbons, finishing the series off with a very solid score of 195 (out of 200).
10-10-10: Schmooze finishes her TD.  It took her only six minutes to push through 480 yards of heavy cover which was over MY head for much of the track. Not only was she fast, she was eager to continue if I gave the word. This competed the 4 required titles ( CD, NA, NAJ, TD) for Schmooze's VCD1. Good girl!!!
12-20-10: Schmooze finishes her AX. She then picked up her first 2 MX legs (and 26 points) the next two days. Only one AXJ leg left! She is routinely finishing the JWW courses 8-10 seconds under course time and I can't bear to hold her back...the down side is that my timing is still off. We are consistently a single off-course jump away from qualifying...we're so close I can taste it but are we having fun or what? We've earned 6 titles this year! 
Jan 2011: Schmooze will be taking a break. If all goes as planned, puppies will be here in mid-March.
5-29-11: Schmooze runs a one day trial after her maternity leave with no lessons for 5 months and 10 week old puppies... and finishs her AXJ 8 seconds under time for a first place and then earns another MX leg 13 seconds under time earning a placement! She's back....
8-21-11: Three days, three trials, new RN title.
12-16-11: MX completed with a placement...and we live in Border Collie Land! 10 succesful runs in 13 attempts. She is now 5 for 6 as we work on her a placement in JWW today too. Way to GO Schmooze.
5-13-12: MXJ completed with 10 qualifying runs out of 16. Now to bump up that DQ rate!




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