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MACH Absolut X-Ceeds X-Pectations  TDX, OAP, OJP, CCA
Sire: Ch Sonyc's Allegro Appassionato CD, WC, VC, OS
Dam: Absolut X-ceeds the Speed RE, CDX, MX, AXJ, CCA TDI
Whelped: July 25, 2003
Hips: GR-87403G24F-PI Elbows: GR-EL11832F24-PI Cardiac: GR CA9366/22F/C-PI

Eyes: GR-27526 (clear 7/13)


Diva - Tunnel

Diva - Weave Poles

Diva - Tracking

Diva has lived up to her name. At about a year of age, she had a mouth injury that required extensive surgery and delayed her training. The fact that she will still let me look at her mouth with no fuss is a testament to her ability to "forgive" and "move on". Once we got to the agility ring we started to have a lot of fun. Diva is almost cat-like in her flexibility and can turn on a dime. We typically trial about one weekend a month but between a family emergency last year and her heat cycle we missed nearly 6 months of trialing. Despite this, we were only 1 MX leg short of finishing all 8 agility titles needed for her MX and MXJ within a 2 year span. We are looking forward to pursuing her MACH. She is already racking up points and QQ's. Diva finished her TD after less than one summer of training....once again X-Ceeding X-Pectations! She is a real snuggle-bug and can usually be spotted within close vicinity of where ever I happen to be working.
FLASH: Oct 25, 2009 Diva qualified for the coveted TDX title and did it with style! Conditions were least for tracking. It stopped raining just a few hours before the test and was cold. Diva was really, really ready to track but I was totally unprepared for the ride we were about to take. We covered 870 yards...first a field, then a turn into a small wooded area and a ravine, across a field, down the other side of the field, through brush into another ravine, more trees, a small level area, then down a deep ditch, up and across a road, into another field, then a right turn across the field to the glove....all in SEVEN minutes! I  looked back to see the judges just getting across the road. I was pretty winded but not too winded to jump up and down waving the glove for them to see. Diva had once again X-Ceeded X-Pectations!! 
Follow up: Per AKC statistics only 125 dogs earned a TDX in 2009. We couldn't be prouder of Ms. Diva!
1-21-11: Ms Diva finishes her MACH!

Pedigree of "Absolut X-Ceeds X-Pectations NAP, MX, MXJ, TDX"

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

Ch Sonyc's Allegro Appassionato CD, WC, VC, OS




Am/Can Ch Topbrass Dressed To Kill CDX

Ch Libra Malagold Coriander OS SDHF
Topbrass Crazy Cricket Slade OD
Butterblac's Ivy League Sonyc CDX, JH, CGC, WC, Can CD, WC Can Ch Butterblac's Beardsanbrow Beacon CD OS
Can Ch Butterblac's Rev'Em Up CD OD


Absolut X-ceeds the Speed RE, CDX, MX, AXJ, CCA TDI

Ch Brae Lea's King Of The Road OS Ch Brae Lea's Prime Rate
Bonvue Brae Lea Alana CD
Endeavor's Sweet Tsunami NA, OAJ,MJP,FFX-AP.OD Ch. Tahnee Tupelo Xmas Cordial OS
Ch Tahnee's Sweet Endeavor OD



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