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Absolut Rock'n The Opera Haus RE, VCD1 , MX, MXJ, CCA
Sire: Ch Landmark Pebwin Fast Track CD, JH, VC, OS
Dam: Endeavor's Sweet Tsunami NA, OAJ, MJP, FFX-AP, OD
Sept. 14, 2000-Sept 23, 2010 
Hips: GR-77154G24M-PI Elbows: GR 6545M24-PI Cardiac: GR-CA5620-56M/C-PI Eyes: GR-22855/2009-111


Jagger's TD Title

Jagger Agility Jump

Jagger Water Entry

Jagger came back to us at nearly 3 years of age. Since then we've had a lot of fun with him. His father, Travis, was described to me as the "Happiest dog you'll ever meet" and Jagger follows in his footsteps. Jagger gets along well with other dogs including other intact males even when they are on his home turf and visiting with "his girls". We just finished his TD. It took him 5 minutes to complete the 455 yd track! I would like to do some field work with him if I can find the time...and a field title would earn him a coveted Versatility Certificate Excellent (VCX) from the GRCA . He adores the water and is still whining to retrieve long after my arm has worn out! Jagger has produced a puppy who just completed his training as an assistance dog. Laker is now working with his human partner. Two daughters have multiple agility and rally titles... Peak has just completed her MACH5!
Sadly, we lost Jagger to hemangiosarcoma just after his 10th birthday. It was very sudden. We went to bed on a Monday night and he became ill during the night. We let him go on Thursday...there was nothing we could do besides the right thing at that point. Please see the links on cancer research. This particular cancer kills almost 20% of all Golden Retrievers.
Flash: Jagger's daughter,Peak, qualified to compete in the 2010 AKC National Agility Championship. There were 270 dogs in her height (20") division. At the end of the 3 days, Peak's cumulative score put her at #25 overall and she was the second placing Golden Retriever. Way to GO, Kathy and Peak!

Pedigree of "Absolut Rock'n The Opera Haus RE, VCD1 , MX, MXJ, CCA"

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

Ch Landmark Pebwin Fast Track CD, JH, VC, OS




Ch Tangleoft Odds On Pebwin CD, OS

Ch Goldwing True Bear OS SDHF
Ch Libra Lady Carioca CD OD
Ch Landmark Special Delivery CD, SH Ch Copper Lee Chase The Clouds OS
Ch Sunshinehill Mistfield Sage JH TD WCX OD


Endeavor's Sweet Tsunami NA, OAJ, MJP, FFX-AP, OD

Ch Tahnee Tupelo Xmas Cordial OS Ch Carlin's Holiday A Xmas Carol OS
Ch Tupelo Tahnee Tuff Cookie
Ch Tahnee's Sweet Endeavor OD Ch Twin-Beau-D's Hi Speed Chase OS
Ch Jayba's Tahnee Kahlua N Cream OD



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